Mental Health Internship Requirements


PRIDE Institute is committed to working with students and new professionals.  If you are a student in an alcohol and drug counseling training program or a graduate student in psychology, counseling, social work or marriage and family therapy please be aware of the following:

  • Minimum expectation for a bachelor level intern is 16 hours/week for 12 weeks.
  • Minimum expectation for a graduate level intern is 20 hours/week for 16 weeks.
  • To be considered for an internship, students must email a letter of interest along with a resume or curriculum vitae.
  • For best consideration, please submit ADC application materials to our Director of Clinical Services no later than October 15th for a January start date, January 15th for May, and May 15th for September. Some academic institutions require confirmation of a fall internship placement in spring, please be advised that if a suitable match is made prior to May, internship opportunities for a fall placement may be limited.
  • Career Interviews – We receive many requests from students for interviews for career counseling and development classes.  If you want to interview one of our counselors, please contact us.  We will send your request to our counseling team and, if someone has time to talk with you, you will receive an email response.  Please understand that we receive many requests each week and our staff may not respond to every request. It’s best to make a request several weeks prior to the due date and to provide this information in the email.

Trainees are expected to:

  • Maintain a caseload of 6-8 clients
  • Co-facilitate and facilitate 1-2 groups per week
  • Observe CD groups
  • Conduct mental health consultations
  • Develop treatment plans
  • Participate actively during case consultation
  • Attend staffing, supervision, and group supervision meetings.
  • Demonstrate professionalism in their conduct
  • Discuss theoretical issues, diagnostic and assessment concerns, clinical technique, therapeutic process, personal reactions and counter-transferential concerns, and other topics relevant to case material and/or professional development.
  • Complete documentation in a timely and professional manner in accordance with facility requirements, statutes, and ethics boards.
  • Integrate feedback in a timely manner; demonstrate an ability and willingness to learn.
  • Participate in a collaborative work environment
  • To conduct themselves in a manner required by the code of conduct of PRIDE Institute, laws and regulations of the Minnesota Board of Psychology, the Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health, the Ethics Codes of the American Psychological Association, and any other relevant professional bodies


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Physicians are on the medical staff of Pride Institute, but, with limited exceptions, are independent practitioners who are not employees or agents of Pride Institute. The facility shall not be liable for actions or treatments provided by physicians.

Model representations of real patients are shown. Actual patients cannot be divulged due to HIPAA regulations.