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Is there a problem?

Have you ever wondered if your spouse, family member or friend is gripped by an addiction? Here are some helpful questions to guide you:

  • Has your loved one lost or gained weight recently without a change in diet?
  • Has your loved one become more moody lately?
  • Has your loved one become distant or completely unavailable?
  • Has your loved one become disinterested in usual activities?
  • Has your loved one continued to use drugs or alcohol in spite of suffering significant consequences (legal, medical, social, etc.)?
  • Has your loved one mentioned that he/she is experiences thoughts of suicide?
  • Has your loved one stated they’ll seek help but have not been successful in changing their behavior?

If your loved one does suffer from addiction their emotional and physical health will continue to decline. Call 800-547-7433 for help.

Note: This self assessment is for information purposes only. It does not replace a formal evaluation by a medical or mental health professional.

Coming to the realization that your spouse, family member, close friend or coworker is trapped in a downward spiral of addiction can bring about many emotions. The emotions can range from confusion to anger to sadness. These emotions often are overwhelming and exhausting. Some blame themselves others blame the addict for their problems. No one plans on being an addict and when it happens there is no way to control the addiction. You and your loved can try to control their behavior but without treatment it will be an uphill battle. You have the choice to stop ignoring the problems to stop waiting for things to get better by themselves. Don’t ever feel you have to do this alone there is always someone that can help. Make sure to also take care of yourself and reach out for support.

PRIDE Institute can help. Call 800-547-7433.

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