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PRIDE Institute has been helping family and friends of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (LGBTQ+) to treat their loved ones for addiction and mental health issues since 1986. Help begins when you make that first call. Professional counselors provide information and conduct assessments to help you determine and best understand the extent of the problem and to provide treatment options. To seek clarity on how to help your loved one please call PRIDE Institute to speak with our admissions staff at 800-547-7433.

Family members and friends often experience worry and pain, while addicts deny that there are any problems. Relationships with friends and family are often severely strained. You can help someone you love get better by refusing to ignore their addiction, refusing to accept their behavior and encouraging them to get help. Don’t wait for your loved one to hit rock bottom by that time it may be may be too late.

A sensitive and guided confrontation directed towards the addict is called a family intervention. Friends and family are crucial to the process of recovery from addiction; an intervention is the first step towards that recovery. The intervention is a way for the spouse, family, friends and sometimes coworkers to confront the one they care for with kindness and respect. The direct honesty will pierce the defenses of the addicted, helping them to see the damage their behavior is doing to themselves and those around them.


A well seasoned family Intervention specialist can help you deal with the addict and the family dynamics. Carefully designed and coached, step-by-step, family Intervention creates positive change, sweeps away the secrecy, and minimizing the denial. Family, friends, employers and professional colleagues can initiate the Family Intervention process. Most interventions ask for a certain amount of preparation time but in most cases, Family Intervention results in immediate entry into a treatment center that will address the addicts needs and work with the family.

Preferred Interventionists

Drew Horowitz & Associates
Phone: 800-731-0854
Address: 2038 Ford Parkway#344

For additional Interventionists call us at PRIDE Institute at 800-547-7433.

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