How Do I Get Started at PRIDE Institute?

  1. You, the future client, will need to call us:
    Often other people concerned for your welfare will call us to try and get you help. We are unable to get most of the information we need from anyone other than you! Because of privacy laws, we are unable to talk to other people that want to know if you have called in or are getting help. The first step is for you to call.
  2. Intake assessment by telephone:
    This will take about 20 minutes, don’t worry it’s painless! We need to gather information about you to make sure you meet criteria for admission to PRIDE Institute. This information is confidential even if you choose another mental health treatment center.
  3. Insurance check:
    After your intake assessment it is our policy to verify benefits with your insurance company. This can take a few hours to get done. Sometimes an insurance company will request a face-to-face mental health assessment with a member of the admissions department. This would require you to make an appointment to come to our facility.
  4. Estimated time of arrival:
    After all assessments are completed and insurance or payment has been secured, the next step is to call and set up an admission time.
  5. What can I bring with?
    We ask that you not bring a lot of clothes. You would be best off to bring a few comfortable outfits, some gym clothes and your personal care items(except mouthwash). You can bring a clock and a radio, as long as it does not have the capacity to record. Pornography, of any kind, is prohibited. Remember that your focus during this time will be on groups and recovery.
  6. What happens when I get there?
    We will start the admissions process with some initial paperwork. We will then check you into a room with introductions to your roommates and a search of your bags. The nurse will complete a nursing assessment with you and within 72 hours, you will meet with a member of the mental health counseling staff. Unless excused by a member of the treatment team or the nurse, you are required to attend groups once the admission process is complete.

We understand that checking into mental health treatment is an emotional time. Please feel free to ask questions at any point in your stay. We are here to help!


If you are in need of an Interventionist, Drew Horowitz & Associates are very familiar with PRIDE Institute & have had a number of clients come to us.


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