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Outpatient Services Staff

Brittany Moselle

Primary Counselor IOP-Minneapolis

Brittany Moselle earned her bachelor’s degree in alcohol and drug counseling at Metropolitan State University. With a personal interest in the field of substance abuse and a passion for the LGBTQ community, Moselle feels that she has found her place in life doing exactly what she should be — educating others about the stigma that can come from addiction.

Her counseling style is client centered, solution focused and utilizes motivational interviewing. She loves empowering others to live the life they deserve, no matter how complex their journey has been.

Cade FinnLADC

Primary Counselor IOP-Minneapolis

Cade Finn started with Pride Institute in 2015 after graduating from Metro State University with a bachelor’s degree in alcohol and drug counseling. Finn’s counseling style is client centered, utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing with a focus on helping clients feel safe from judgment as they open up.

Pride Institute is devoted to helping the LGBTQ community work through the shame and stigma that comes with addiction, as well as being a part of a minority group. They’re also passionate about working with the transgender community along with the sexual health component of addiction.

Christopher AndersonLADC

Primary Counselor IOP-Minneapolis

Christopher Anderson started at Pride Institute as a chemical dependency intern in the residential facility. He received his BA from University of Minnesota, Morris and his graduate certificate in alcohol and drug counseling from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

Anderson is dedicated to working with the LGBT community, specifically on family and relationship building, group therapy and art therapy. He is active in the art community in the Twin Cities and enjoys creating multimedia pieces, art journals and screen prints.

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