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Residential Treatment Staff

Dr. Patrick ZhaoMD

Medical Director

Dr. Patrick Zhao has served as Pride Institute’s medical director since 2014. As the champion behind LGBTQ-affirming, comprehensive psychiatric consultation (ACPC) at Pride, Dr. Zhao has completed more than 1,000 sessions.

Zhao emphasizes LGBTQ development history and its interweaving relationship with mental health and substance use disorder, drawing on knowledge and wisdom from psychiatry, psychology, philosophy and spirituality.

Dr. Zhao has been a part of SAMHSA’s LGBTQ curriculum project, and he has recommended the broader adoption of sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) screening tools and ACPC in clinical settings.

Patrick R. PerryLPCC

Mental Health Clinical Supervisor

Patrick R. Perry joined Pride Institute in 2017 after working in treatment centers in Nashville, Tennessee and Columbus, Ohio. He earned his MA in counseling from Argosy University, and he is a licensed professional clinical counselor and clinical hypnotherapist.

Born in Mannheim, Germany, he’s lived in Nashville, Tennessee but now calls the Twin Cities home. Perry is devoted to working with the LGBT+ population and as a trans individual himself, he’s passionate about bridging the gap between mental health and addiction counseling.

Outside of work he enjoys martial arts, reading, watching his wife participate in storytelling competitions and spending time with his friends and family, which includes his wife, two sons and his wife’s ex-wife.

Terry PostLADC

Lead Counselor & Sexual Health Counselor

Terry Post became a part of the Pride Institute team in 2014. He received his bachelor of science degree in alcohol and drug counseling at Metro State University. In addition to being a licensed alcohol and drug counselor (LADC), Post is also an approved LADC supervisor.

Originally from White Bear Lake, Minnesota, Post has nine years of experience working with adolescents and is dedicated to helping underserved and stigmatized groups of people. He enjoys the pace of the residential setting and helping patients overcome addiction — especially within the chemsex epidemic — and guiding them in building healthy sexual identities.

When he’s not working, Post can be found kayaking, rock hunting, flying his drones, camping and backpacking. He also enjoys spending time with his partner, Brett and their three cats.

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