• 1. We need to hear from you, our patient.

    Oftentimes, loved ones who are concerned for your welfare will call us so we can help you. But as well-intentioned as they may be, we simply cannot take information from anyone other than the patient. By law and in the interest of your privacy, we will not disclose to anyone whether or not you have called in or are getting help. We want you to know that you are empowered to take that first step and call. We’re here for you.

  • 2. The intake assessment call helps us gather information.

    The call will take about 20 minutes, and we promise it’s not scary. We’ll have a quick conversation with you to see what kind of help you’ll need from Pride Institute. This information is confidential — even if you choose another treatment center.

  • 3. We’ll check your insurance coverage.

    After your intake assessment we’ll verify benefits with your insurance company. It can be verified in just a few hours, although there are instances where an insurance company will request a face-to-face assessment with a member of our admissions department. If an appointment is required for your insurance coverage, we’ll help you get set up.

  • 4. Schedule your admission.

    After all assessments are completed and insurance or payment has been secured, the next step is to call us to set up an admission time.

  • 5. What can I bring with me?

    We ask that you not bring the entire contents of your closet. You’ll be best served by selecting a few comfortable outfits, some gym clothes and your personal care items (except mouthwash). You can bring a clock and a radio, as long as neither has the capacity to record. Pornography of any kind is prohibited. Please keep in mind that your focus during this time will be on groups and recovery.

  • 6. What happens when I get there?

    The admissions process begins with some initial paperwork. Next, we’ll check you into a room, introduce you to your roommates and perform a routine search of your bags. The nurse will complete a health assessment with you, and within 72 hours you will meet with a member of the mental health counseling staff. Unless you are excused by a member of the treatment team or the nurse, you are required to attend groups once the admission process is complete.

    Checking into treatment is usually an emotional time. We want you to know that we understand that and we’re here to help. Please feel free to ask questions during any point in your stay. We will be so happy to answer them. You’re not alone in this journey.

Intervention Support

If you are in need of an interventionist, Pride Institute has relationships with both local and national trusted sources. Contact our Admissions Department for recommendations and contact info at 800-547-7433.