Every week at PRIDE Institute we host an Alumni meeting for clients leaving treatment the following week. We ask for feedback from the client’s experience at PRIDE Institute and connect clients with resources nationally. PRIDE Institute keeps an ongoing list of suggestions and affirmations clients submit upon their departure from Residential Treatment. I’m pleased to say, the improvements list has been minor but our affirmations continue to develop over the years. I would like to highlight the ongoing acknowledgements we receive each week:

“PRIDE has given me a safe place to feel comfortable, affirmed, and loved for the first time in my life”

“I feel home at last. I’m here with my LGBT community and my recovery community.”

“PRIDE affirmed me for who I am, affirmed my family of choice, and allowed me to look in the mirror and smile for the first time in years.”

Majority highlighted weekly groups: “trauma, grief/loss, sexual health, men’s intimacy, women’s intimacy, LGBT issues, relapse prevention, body image, small group, and meditation!”

“Staff went above and beyond my expectations in meeting my needs and my peers.”

“PRIDE’s weekly schedule is very structured, which has given me the accountability and confidence that I needed to start my new sober life.”

“PRIDE has given me the tools to survive on my own two feet through treatment services at residential, continuing care plans, AA meetings at the facility, and the alumni association involvement.”

“PRIDE goes out of their way to connect us with LGBT friendly resources and support to continue our sobriety outside of treatment.”

“We love weekly yoga, meditation, and acupuncture! Also, the new serenity room and coping skills boxes gave us the opportunity to relax in stressful situations.”

PRIDE Institute appreciates all of the feedback from alumni and professionals in order to continue improving PRIDE Institute over the last 27 years. Client’s voices continue PRIDE Institute’s mission in creating a healthy LGBT community. We wish to thank our alumni for their feedback and continued support.