Why would you consider leaving your hometown — or even your state! — for treatment when there are programs seemingly everywhere? It’s true that in most cities, and even many smaller towns, some type of treatment is available nearby. Those options seem convenient, so it’s easy to say, “Why go anywhere else?”

For starters, not all treatment programs are created equal, and the program that’s the shortest drive may not be the highest quality. Or you may find a nearby program that is very well-respected, but they may not specialize in the areas where you need to focus. Then there is the issue of distractions that can come from staying too close to home.

It may seem overwhelming to consider leaving your home city to attend a program like Pride Institute, but for many of our long distance alumni, leaving their home city was exactly what they needed. Often times, people in the throes of addiction struggle maintaining sober friends and finding sober activities, making it very difficult to stay motivated in a local treatment environment. Our alumni have shared with us that leaving their homes allowed them time to focus solely on themselves and their recovery. Some were happy when family visited for and others were happy they were far enough away from loved ones that regular visits weren’t possible.

Whatever your situation and wherever you’re from, Pride Institute offers a safe place for you to learn the tools you need to be successful in recovery. We even have alumni who end up moving to Minnesota permanently because of our strong LGBTQ+ recovery community. Still others return home with strong continuing care plans back in their hometowns and the skills they need to be successful there.

For members of the LGBTQ+ community who are struggling with addiction, they have one more reason to consider traveling for treatment. Not all treatment programs are LGBTQ+ friendly, and those programs that are welcoming don’t offer a program specifically geared toward the unique issues gay individuals face. Some may only offer a track, with a handful of hours each week devoted to how sexual identity impacts addiction.

This is YOUR life, and you need to make the decision that will be right for you long-term. If you do decide that Pride Institute is where you want to begin your recovery journey, Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport has flights from most airports in the country, and we provide transportation to our facility from the airport. You take that first step, and we will help guide the rest of the way.