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Brandie has been with PRIDE for almost 4 years and during this time, she has worked tirelessly to provide our clients with insightful, effective and compassionate care. Clients have written (to and about her) “You are a complete inspiration!” “I knew I was going to like you the moment that I met you!” “The lengths that I have watched you go through to help clients is nothing short of amazing.” “Had you not worked with me and my challenges, I wouldn’t have been able to do the work that I had, the work that has transformed me into a successful person with something to contribute, making me a productive member of society.” “Brandie stands out above and beyond. Always a smile, efficient, keeps the med line moving while being professional and kind.” “I appreciate all that you do for our community. Just being an ear is often the difference between leaving or staying and getting well.” “I love how caring and compassionate you are about your job!”

As our Director of Clinical Services,Todd, observed, “Brandie provides outstanding and exemplary care for PRIDE clients. A recent admission came in with significant withdrawal issues and was a poor historian. Brandie took the time to contact the client’s therapist to gather extensive collateral history and information, allowing PRIDE staff to get an accurate assessment of the client. Brandie supported the client throughout the process by giving the client extra time, compassionate care, and someone to talk to. Brandie consistently goes above and beyond for clients and staff.”

Brandie’s totally objective HR Manager states “Brandie is the epitome of service excellence. If PRIDE/UHS published a dictionary, Brandie’s picture would be next to the service excellence entry. Brandie works wonders, time and again, in getting the nurse’s schedule covered and is fierce in her support of her nurses. She is indispensable when it comes to supporting Dr. Zhao. She is empathetic with clients and seems to know what they need and when they need it. She can be firm with them, but also knows when they need a softer approach. SHE JUST KNOWS – and you can’t teach that. She approaches her interactions with outside vendors/parties in the same way – she knows how to get what our clients need, and can adjust her style to best fit the situation or person she is dealing with in order to achieve near miraculous outcomes. And, finally, I admire her dedication to the pursuit of her RN degree, in addition to working FT here and being a mom. WOW!”

And, our Director of Nursing, Jennifer, thinks that Brandie is so nice, she nominated her twice. “Brandie continues to do a stellar job with the schedule, not only in its formulation, but also managing changes, requests and last-minute adjustments. Brandie continues to be a staunch client advocate, and goes above and beyond, resolving medical/ pharmacological/ pre-authorization issues for clients. In addition, she has a strong rapport with clients and they respond well to her interventions.” Then, later in the month, “This past weekend, a Tech was ill and wasn’t able to work their shift. Due to the last-minute nature of the situation and difficulty finding a replacement, Brandie stepped in, rearranged various schedules, and made it work. All within the context of juggling two admissions, someone returning from the hospital, and assisting Dr. Zhao as his liaison Nurse. Another great example of the care and customer-service focus for which Brandie D. is known!”

As **STAR** of the Month, Brandie will receive a $50 gift card + 5 in-house meal tickets. Additionally, Brandie and our Director of Clinical Services (whose name was drawn from Brandie’s three nominators) will be joining Kat Gorton, November’s **STAR**, our Director of Nursing (who nominated Kat), Andrew Schreiber, October’s **STAR** and Rick, our CEO, at the quarterly luncheon at Wildfire later this month. And, since Brandie also nominated Andrew in October, she will get to order dessert, too…