As one of PRIDE’s longest-tenured active employees, Rich has been instrumental in keeping our facility running since November 2001. In 2012, Rich’s husband Kevin added his aesthetic touch and together they have made PRIDE pretty and safe for our clients and staff.

As our Director of Business Development, Molly Gilbert, says in her book, published by Simon & Schuster (JK) “Rich & Kevin were just wonderful in helping to get us set up for the 30th Anniversary celebrations. From spreading 100’s of pounds of mulch by hand, to hanging banners in the gym, to coming up with a makeshift “floor” for the rain soaked grass under the outside tents at the very last minute – just the two of them made it all come together with a ‘can-do’ attitude & as if it were no big deal.

Their ability to come up with solutions for alternative lighting – then following through by bringing in additional flood lights – really helped set the mood in the gym for a fabulous Spring Fling, and helped draw attention away from say, a particular ceiling net that we might have been trying to avoid focusing on…

From putting up window clings in January to planting fresh flowers in May while trying to keep the common areas freshly painted with a full house of clients and staff was no small feat, and their ability to just knock down our ever increasing list was so very appreciated. All this while trying to do their regular jobs of keeping all our machinery & plumbing moving.

I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to have their help & presence. When I started to feel panicked – I would just look at them & they would give me their ‘no big deal!’ look & I would start breathing again,

Thank you two, for always thinking outside of the box & being willing to jump in whenever needed! You are appreciated!”

Our Director of Nursing, Jennifer Hackney, affirms “They provided endless hours attending to a magnitude of requests surrounding the PRIDE 30th Anniversary Celebration, as well as attending to their normally very-full schedule. Their hard work and dedication shown through in every nail hammered and paint brushstroke! Thank you, Rich and Kevin! ”

Our lead Nurse, Mary Burkert, adds “I nominate Rich and Kevin for the incredible work they always do and for the extraordinary work they did for our 30th anniversary. Never did I hear them complain (even when I could tell they were a little stiff and tired from all the labor they did the last few weeks and the extra they did on the day of the event). I could go on, but I believe others share my feelings. Hats off to you both and may you be considered for STARS of the year!!! You both are truly examples we should all try and emulate.”

And one of our nurses, Brandie Dzedzej, whose name was drawn to join them and others at the quarterly luncheon, nominated Rich and Kevin “For running around like crazy peeps trying to get ready for the big party (and) any time I need anything they do their best to get it done ASAP and always with a smile.”