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Family of Choice

Coming to the realization that your spouse, partner, family member, close friend or coworker is trapped in a downward spiral of addiction is an emotional journey. You may feel confused, angry and sad, and those emotions can be overwhelming and exhausting.

Your loved one will need to make the decision to go to treatment, but you can support them in their decision. When someone you care about enters treatment, we recognize that you are walking through recovery with them — but you won’t be alone on that path. We can help.

How to Help

Family members and friends often experience worry and pain, while their addicted loved one denies that there are any problems. Relationships with friends and family are often severely strained. You can help someone you love get better by refusing to ignore their addiction, refusing to accept their behavior and encouraging them to get help. Don’t wait for your loved one to hit rock bottom - by that time it may be may be too late. To seek clarity on how to help your loved one please call Pride Institute to speak with our admissions staff at 800-547-7433.

Do you suspect that someone you love is struggling with an addiction?

Some questions to consider regarding your loved one:

  • Have they lost or gained weight recently without a change in diet?
  • Have they recently become more moody?
  • Are they suddenly distant or completely unavailable?
  • Are they still interested in their favorite activities?
  • Have they continued to use drugs or alcohol in spite of suffering significant legal, medical or social consequences?
  • Are they experiencing thoughts of suicide?
  • Have they expressed a desire in seeking help but have not been successful in changing their behavior?

Note: This self-assessment is for information purposes only. It does not replace a formal evaluation by a medical or mental health professional.


A well-seasoned family intervention specialist can help you deal with the addict and the family dynamics. A carefully designed and coached, step-by-step family intervention creates positive change, sweeps away the secrecy and minimizes the denial. Family, friends, employers and professional colleagues can initiate the family intervention process. Most interventionists ask for a certain amount of preparation time, but in most cases family intervention results in immediate entry into a treatment center that will address the addicted person's needs and work with the family.

Don’t know where to start? Let us help.

When you need help, it’s hard to know where to begin. It can also be scary to take that first step, but we’re here to support you through it all. You won’t have to take this journey to recovery alone.

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