For those of us that know the disease of addiction, we understand the struggle that Phillip Seymour Hoffman endured, and ultimately succumbed to.

A year ago I was deep in the throes of my addiction, and with a simple gesture of compassion, my friend Aaron, while visiting, asked me ‘How are you doing?’. Within a week of that question and following conversation, I was at the The Pride Institute. This discussion likely saved my life.

While I may have not worked a ‘perfect program’ over this past year, I am in a MUCH better space now and glad that today I am sober, healthy, and alive – and plan to stay that way!

Know someone in sobriety or in active addiction and haven’t reached out to them in a while? Call them, text them, tweet them or send them a message on Facebook and simply ask them ‘How are you doing?’.

You might just save a life.


PRIDE Institute graduate & Alum