As a backdrop I spent 2.5 months at Pride this fall and after a 4 day relapse in Jan I came back for a refresher 7 weeks this Jan through last week.

I honestly can’t express enough appreciation and gratitude for the entire Pride team for their support, encouragement, care, compassion, love and kindness during my time at Pride.  Never a big one for affirmations I can attest the morning affirmations and nightly reflections do work. I do love myself more today than I did last Aug when I was in the throws of my addiction.

I hesitate to name names because to be honest I’m afraid I’d leave someone out or else this email would be pages long.  I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my counselor David S for pushing me and encouraging me to work on my core issues.  Second I truly appreciate my one on one counseling time with Shannon G.  She too pushed me outside my comfort zone to really work on myself and learn to be as caring and compassionate with myself as I am most of the time to others.

From admissions to nursing to counselors and techs to support staff to the cleaning crew everyone met me with a smile and warm hello everyday.  For someone as broken as I was inside those smiles and hellos helped me more than the staff could possibly imagine.  I’ve been to three other treatment centers, two of them name facilities, and Pride stands head and shoulders above them.  All I know is I’m sober today…in large part because of Pride.  I’ll forever be grateful.

A heartfelt thank you to the entire staff.  If ever you doubt you make a difference please know you did immensely to this addict.  When I have some more time under my belt I look forward of being of service to Pride and sitting here today I have to admit my dream job is utilizing my MBA and marketing experience to come back and work for Molly in marketing.  🙂

Again, thank you.

Chris M.