Sent to Mel, in Admissions, from the plane:

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I’m on the plane finally – off to Denver first…Change planes – thanks again…

Wow, today is here. Never in my life… in my dreams did I think I would be here … in this moment … right now. However, I am, and am glad I am still in it. As I woke up today, I had every possible emotion flowing through me.

So, I am left to reflect on the many roads I have taken which led me to this very moment of my life – none of them which I regret.    As with everyone’s life, mine has had its many turns – lefts and rights – ups and downs – happy and sad moments on that winding road.    All of these have made me the strong man that I have been and the stronger man I am soon to be. For now is my time to rise, be better, be wiser and happier! This was my decision and my choice alone, to take this first step. So, when I complete my task I have set out to complete, I will then walk a little straighter, a little taller and most proud of my life’s journey thus far.

First and foremost, I will be letting go of the past and those negative influences that I have let into my life. Replacing those with happiness; ones that love, care and support!

For those I have hurt or disappointed: quite simply, I was wrong. Relying on my courage to say this; but I believe there is nothing wrong with me confessing openly what I have done wasn’t right.

I don’t underestimate the road ahead. Here is my hope: that you will stand by me and with me, on this next step to no matter how smooth or bumpy it may prove to be. Now, from this moment onward, is mine – to live life to its fullest. Bring it on! I am ready…


(Pride says: We are so proud of you, B., and thanks so much for your willingness to share this with others who might be considering taking this same step.)