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LGBTQ+ Family Therapy Program

Start Your Recovery Journey

The decision to seek treatment is a big step,
but you don’t have to do it alone.

LGBTQ+ issues, addiction, and mental health affect families uniquely. Family therapy may help families navigate these things a bit more easily. An effective family therapy program allows you to rebuild boundaries and communication skills while being open and honest about your needs and expectations as well. Contact Pride Institute at 888.408.1625 or via our online form to learn more about your addiction and mental health therapy options, our LGBTQ+ addiction therapy programs, and how we can help.

How Can Family Therapy Help?

There are three types of therapy you will encounter in treatment for addiction, mental health, or behavioral health. Individual therapy focuses on your thoughts, behaviors, actions, and emotions to get to the root cause of the addiction and learn healthier ways to cope. Group therapy is about building community, peer support, and not feeling alone.

Family therapy includes the entire family unit in the discussion, which is vital because addiction and any co-occurring disorders affect everybody around the person who is struggling. Family support is key to the recovery process. A family therapy program is a great way to be honest and open with each other and rebuild communication, boundaries, and your lives as you move on from the trauma of addiction together. Counselors are also able to provide educational and support resources to family members to help them better understand addiction and what their loved one has experienced.

Your counselor may use fun games, challenging puzzles, and mindful exercises to help you talk about your emotions, expectations, wants, and needs openly and easily. Some examples of popular family therapy activities are:

  • Feelings Hot Potato – A ball or other object is passed or tossed around the family members as music plays. When the music stops, the person holding the item shares a thought, memory, or feeling depending on a chosen topic.
  • Genogram – Representing your family tree, a genogram activity can help you isolate issues or traumas in emotional relationships and how they have impacted them personally and the family as a whole in order to begin to heal.
  • Stand Up, Sit Down – A family member shares a thought, idea, or belief, and everyone who agrees will sit down. This opens communication and teaches you a lot about your family.

You must be supportive of your loved one as they recover from addiction and reacclimate to daily life after treatment. A family therapy program can help you provide that support. Individuals who include family therapy in their treatment and post-treatment plans and have their family involved in and supportive of their recovery process have higher success rates in relapse prevention and maintaining sobriety.

Be a Recovery Support System

Families come in all different forms, sizes, and configurations. Our LGBTQ+ family therapy program celebrates the diversity of LGBTQ+ families and welcomes them to participate in the treatment process for their loved ones.

Whether family by blood, by choice, or a combination of both, invited attendees are encouraged to take this opportunity to see how their lives will change when their loved one is in recovery. Families can ask questions about treatment and learn ways they can be supportive of their loved ones during treatment, after discharge, and throughout the recovery process. All materials and food are provided during the sessions.

The program allows patients to invite their defined family to attend the structured education sessions, large-group therapy, and individual family therapy as part of the Family Weekend every other month. Times may vary depending on the family’s needs.

Families are eligible to participate until six months after the patient leaves any level of treatment. Patients can still invite friends and family to visit during normal Saturday visiting hours without attending the LGBTQ+ family therapy program and also request an individual family session.

Where to Stay

If you’re coming in from out of town to participate in our family therapy program, please see our suggestions for lodging options in the area. We’ve pulled popular options that are both close to our facility and close to the attractions of downtown Minneapolis. Of course, you are free to explore additional lodging options, but please note that family is not permitted to stay overnight at Pride Institute.

Discover the LGBTQ+ Family Therapy Program at Pride Institute

Pride Institute offers LGBTQ+ family therapy for families overcoming the trauma of addiction and co-occurring disorders together. Please reach out to us at 888.408.1625 or via our online form for more information. We can help.