Cultural Diversity and Continued Education Presentations

The clinical staff at Pride Institute offers an array of LGBTQ+ presentations available for conferences and organizations across the country. Continued education units (CEUs) are also available upon request.

Examples of topics we cover:

  • LGBTQ+ issues in substance abuse and mental health
  • Pride Institute’s services
  • Working with LGBTQ+ youth
  • Understanding sexual compulsivity
  • Internet compulsivity
  • The coming out process
  • Sex addiction in the workplace
  • Internet addiction in the workplace
  • The employee assistance professionals guide to LGBTQ+ health concerns

Other Resources

Student Internship and Practicum

Pride Institute is an approved internship and practicum site for many universities and educational institutions. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student interested in learning opportunities related to substance abuse and mental health issues in the LGBTQ+ community, we’d love to talk with you!

Research Opportunities

Pride Institute has enjoyed partnering our research efforts with major universities to further our knowledge of substance abuse and mental health issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community. Recent collaborations include University of Minnesota, University of Montana, University of Louisville and Texas Christian University.

Business Consultation on LGBTQ+ Sensitivity

Businesses and organizations interested in increasing their sensitivity to LGBTQ+ clients can contact our business development and community relations staff for consultation and staff presentations.