Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is an option for patients who have stable living environments or do not require extensive residential programming. For many, IOP is often a step-down following participation in the residential program at Pride or another facility.

  • We offer flexibility to accommodate varying patient schedules.
  • Patients are allowed to maintain prescribed medication while in IOP and are encouraged to continue therapy sessions with outside professionals.
  • The use of mood-altering chemicals is not allowed while clients are involved in the IOP. This includes the use of substances off the Pride Institute premises and on days that clients do not attend programming.

While participating in the program, patients work with our counseling team in group and individual settings. Consistent attendance at one of the Pride sober support groups is a standard recommendation. Patients are also expected to attend a minimum of three self-help group meetings per week while engaged in treatment.

  • Our program is offered as three primary groups that clients attend for approximately nine to 12 weeks.
  • We offer a relapse prevention group that clients are encouraged to attend as a step-down following the nine week program.

We offer these primary groups during three schedules to accommodate your outside commitments. Contact the admissions office at 800-547-7433 for availability and hours.


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