The sexual health program is an intensive, clinically-based program designed specifically for the LGBTQ community to cover the broad spectrum of sex and sexuality-related issues that often co-occur with substance abuse.

These can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Compulsive sexual behavior
  • Sexual anorexia
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Sexual identity confusion
  • Identity-related shame
  • Sex or HIV-related anxiety
  • Sexual obsessions
  • Sexual abuse and assault

As part of the residential program, patients participate in several weekly group therapy sessions as well as individual therapy.

In the IOP setting, the sexual health program includes one or two additional group sessions. One group focuses on the link between sexual compulsivity and chemical use, while a second group centers on the relationship between trauma and substance use. Clients in this program require a primary substance abuse diagnosis.

In addition to the sexual health program, Pride Institute offers an opportunity for all clients to discuss healthy intimate relationships. Every client working through the program will address sexual health values and communication in relationships.