We are so fortunate to have welcomed Kat to PRIDE this year, right after she earned her RN license. Our clients are receptive and responsive to her caring, capable and confident nature, and she is a pleasure to have on our staff.

As our Director of Nursing pointed out in her nomination of Kat, “Aside from jumping right into her position as RN, and doing a great job, she (recently) volunteered to come in early … and ride with a client to a dental visit in an area of town that the client identified as “sketchy” and possibly triggering, jeopardizing his feelings of safety. Kat didn’t have to do this, and went above and beyond to provide exemplary customer service!”

Our Director of Clinical Services pretty much sums it up, when he says: “Katherine exemplifies True Colors in all of her interactions with clients and staff. She goes beyond her responsibilities in working with clients.” He also cited the example that our Director of Nursing did, and added that on another occasion, “A client needed special equipment to help with their gender transition. Katherine donated items to assist with this process. Katherine is truly compassionate and an outstanding nurse.”

As **STAR** of the Month, Kat will receive a $50 gift card + 5 in-house meal tickets. Additionally, Kat and her nominators will be joining Rick, our CEO, at our quarterly luncheon at Wildfire.