Although he’s been a Chemical Dependency Technician with PRIDE only since June of this year, Andrew has made quite the positive impression on staff and clients alike. 

As one of his co-workers, Brandie, pointed out in her nomination of Andrew, “He’s always so happy, easygoing and fun to work with.  He can quickly move from one task to another.  He’s great with the clients.  He’s always picking up shifts and flexible with moving his shifts/hours around.”

Brandie isn’t the only one to recognize Andrew.  Another co-worker, Ashley , nominated Andrew because “He is always a pleasure to work with.  Andrew is always willing to pick up ALL shifts to help out with coverage.  His cool, calm and collective attitude equally washes over the staff and clients.  Andrew is in charge of taking the Phase 3 clients on the weekly outing, and I always hear positive feedback from the clients who attend!

And, to pretty much seal the deal, our Director of Nursing, Jennifer, nominated Andrew because “Andrew is more than willing to volunteer for shifts, even overnights, which is so appreciated!  He has a solid, steady presence here, and has a positive, gentle demeanor with clients, diffusing any escalated situations that might arise.  We are so fortunate to have Andrew on our team.  Thank you, Andrew!”

As **STAR** of the Month, Andrew will receive a $50 gift card + 5 in-house meal tickets.  Additionally, Andrew and Brandie (whose name was drawn from Andrew’s three nominators) will be joining November’s and December’s **STARS** and those who nominate them, and Rick, our CEO, at the quarterly luncheon at Wildfire, sometime in January 2016.