Long-term recovery almost always entails a deepening of your spiritual life. It may not even entail a belief in God, but a personal strength found through simple faith of something greater than yourself. And you certainly don’t need to be religious to be spiritual. Simply commit to the idea that you are willing to continue to seek. Explore! If you are working the 12 Steps, then you are already involved in a spiritual exploration.  I can’t tell you where to find it – only that we need to continue to seek.

I know one addict with 7 years of sobriety who honestly says that his spiritual connection is fed through other alcoholics and addicts. It definitely works for him. The truth is, there are as many ways to explore spirituality as there are individuals. The bottom line is, the evidence seems to suggest that an evolving spiritual life is one of the co-factors in long-term sobriety and brings the greatest strength and joy.

I wish you the greatest of strength and joy in your life!

David L. Smith LADC, M Ed., Sexual Health Lead