– I am so happy I came to PRIDE. It’s so nice being called by my name and pronouns. I would reccommend PRIDE to anyone!!!  :*D

– The one on ones afforded us during this time were incredible. Our family hasn’t really *ever* communicated like that.

– It was so helpful for all of us to hear the same information all at the same time.

– Being able to have time to share with the other families without the presence of our loved one was very valuable and affirming.

– One of the most impactful parts of this program was understanding Addiction – and the differences between DBT, CBT and EMDR as therapies was eye-opening to me.

-This was so helpful in giving us, as family members,  the tools to deal with early recovery!

– The one-on-ones with the therapist allowed me to have the opportunity to voice concerns in a safe environment. Thank you!